Monday, December 10, 2007


Anne and Jack have been gone for a few days, so to fill the void I bought Tetris for my phone. I love it. I have always had a true appreciation for Tetris. It the the best and most perfect game of skill and mental strength. If you dont agree then you probably aren't very good at Tetris. Stop being so jealous. Sometimes I play at night until I force myself to put it down and go to bed. I make sure that it is safe and comfortable by letting it charge on the pillow on Anne's side of the bed. Then when I wake up I play a few games while I am still in bed to get myself jazzed about the day. I have also been neglecting a lot of studying and other responsibilities because with Tetris in my life, they just don't seem as important anymore.
p.s. I got this new Tetris Mania that was probably created for people who dared think regular Tetris could use a little spice. It is fun, but the original Tetris on Gameboy is still the best by far.