Friday, February 6, 2009

Jack's 2nd Birthday

Surely there are many people out there faithfully checking our blog everyday wondering if we are still alive. Well, we are I guess. We just aren't very good at keeping this thing up to date. We'll start with Jack's birthday and then maybe post about some other stuff before he turns three.

Anyway, Jack turned 2 a week or so ago. We had just a little family party for him on his birthday and then invited some friends over for a party on the weekend. As you will see, Jack can draw quite a crowd. Luckily, we had enough food, cake, and ice cream for everyone.
Jack opening his present in front of Ma-Mah and Bum-Pa via Skype.

His first Tonka truck. It took him a minute to realize that this wasn't just for him to sit in while his parents pushed him around the house.

Birthday cake #1

Testing the capacity of our house.

These were pretty good.

Birthday cake #2. I guess Jack either didn't change his clothes for five days, or he just happened to wear the same shirt to both parties.

Some of the kids enjoying cupcakes while sitting on the floor.

The final tally. We are counting 41 in this picture plus a baby in the other room. Just after this picture the floor caved in and we continued the party in the basement.

This is what people do when you say you are going to do a "funny" picture.