Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Ice Cream Ever

When we first moved to Boston 3 years ago, we discovered Christina's in Inman Square in Cambridge. We were overwhelmed by how good the ice cream was and how many crazy flavors they had. I think we went a couple times a week and each got a large so that we could try 3 new flavors every time. This probably lasted a month or two until we had tasted every flavor at least once (except the obviously nasty ones.) Since then we pretty much only go there when someone comes to visit. The picture of the menu is from a month or so ago when Stefanie came to visit.

The best flavors are Coconut Butterfinger and Khulfi. For those who enjoy the finer things in life, Khulfi is a tantalizing blend of cardamom and pistachio. For the less sophistocated (Andy Johnson), it has been described as tasting like fruity pebbles milk.

They also have seasonal flavors. Some of the notables include avacado, corn, and cucumber. Corn was good but the others tasted exactly like their namesakes.

I was sure we had way more pictures of our visits there since we go when all the tourists are with us, but here are some of the few that we could find.

Anne & Stef


Todd, Ashley, Ben, & Toby


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Big fat cow

Check it. I am HUGE! I still have another month left. Our “surprise baby” is due June 1st but I predict he will come around May 25th. He needs to pack up his placenta and head out!