Friday, November 16, 2007

hello world

Hello to the thousands of people who will be frequenting this blog. We have joined the blogging world so that we can share our deepest and most personal thoughts and feelings to everyone on the internet.
Dan, Anne, and Jack


ferardandy said...

Dudezz, i have been checking this domain for the last several months hoping that there would be a blog, and tonight my dedication has paid off as i, andy johnson, post the first of millions of comments on your weblog.

Wellz said...

A blog from the Adam's fam should be good. I look forward to knowing your whole family's deepest thoughts. I found Dan's myspace page, but what are you supposed to do with those things anyway. Jack is a cute kid and those lucha libre costumes look perfect.

Fur Pirate said...

what does bfsf mean?

Brooke said...

I love his costume!