Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Since this is probably our last year in Boston, we decided to go down to the Charles River Esplanade for Independence Day. The crowds were pretty big and we didn't get there early enough to secure a prime spot, but we did find a pretty big spot that was partially obstructed by trees. A bunch of friends also came and we had plenty of room. The Boston Pops played and so did some country band called Rascal Flats.

It was impossible to get a picture of Jack's face and the fireworks in the background because he was totally fixed on them the whole time.

He did start to get tired towards the end of the show and he would dose off occasionally. We were too cheap to buy him one of those glow in the dark things, but the guy thought he deserved one for being so cute, so he just gave him one.

The fireworks lasted for a really long time. I think the finale was longer than most cities' entire shows.

Charlie seemed to like the fireworks too.


Brooke said...

Fun! Love the Esplanade fire works! What a great city:)

Pete and Repete said...

Brooke always beats me to the good blogs. We went there for the fireworks a few years ago and mooched a good spot from the Lingards. And yeah, it's a show to remember.

carly k. said...

Hi guys! I know I haven't talked to you in years, but I am curious to know how you like living in Boston? We have been considering moving there and then I remembered that you guys were living there. Anyway, I know you are crazy busy with the baby and all, but if you get a second, drop me an email... carlykillpack@gmail.com

mclawsclan said...

Okay, update is coming today, and before midnight. I was really sick yesterday and that is why I didn't get to it. Check back later tonight for the update. Also, you need to update yours BIG TIME.