Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We are not dead!

Hey blogging friends! I felt the urge to post a couple pictures of the boys. I may not get this urge again for another year though. And as a bonus these are pictures of them at Christmas. I took them for my Christmas cards that I never made. Yes, this is totally my style lately. Everything is past due in my life right now...even my period. Just kidding you guys! really.
Enjoy how old my kids look now cause you may not see them again for another year! I hope I'm kidding cause I really want to get better about posting stuff. I cant just keep my awesome life all to myself, thats just selfish. For all I know you all may have already given up on our little blog.

Jack was in a weird face mood that day. As you can see. Merry Christmas everyone!


turleybenson said...

Annne!!!!!! Ah, how i've missed you. You are so funny--love the preggo joke. Your boys look Adams-Awesome, as usual.

Seriously, though.

You need to blog more.

Livin' on Love said...

So you're pregnant! What! Congrats! JUST KIDDING! I laughed at your joke though and even had to read it to paul. ;) Jack and Charlie are so cute, and getting so big!

Mikaela said...

Hey you guys are alive- nice to read a blog update from you! Jack and Charlie are so cute. Hope you guys are great. We miss you!!!