Saturday, March 26, 2011


Anne started having some big contractions, so we slowly made our way to the hospital this morning (Friday 3/25). Eleven minutes after we got there she was holding this handsome little guy in her arms. Luckily there was a doc there to deliver him. Anne and Frank are both doing great.

Frank Daniel Adams 

 The boys meeting their brother in compliance with RSV precautions

 The superstar mom and the baby

 I've been working on my poker face. Not bad, huh?

Cutting the cord


anne. said...

i love the picture of jack and charlie through the window. biggest smiles on their faces. also, you guys may want to update the title of your blog. just sayin.

Angi said...

Congratulations! The baby looks perfect, kids look thrilled and you look gorgeous! Seriously. Dan...well I'd like to see a little more enthusiasm. Kidding. Congratulations again.

Ashley said...

Yay! Congrats you guys! I can believe that record breaking delivery Anne...I thought I was fast!

Reading your blog and Saydi's blog is making me very impatient and excited. I wish I lived by you to meet little Frank. He is darling of course.

When I showed Todd the pictures he said, "That is such a typical Dan face!" Haha, we miss you guys!

Welcome to the world of 3're perfect for it though! You look beautiful and I can't wait to see more pics of this new little dude.

bostonshumways said...

holy toledos! 11 min? You are amazing! And I love the name. And I love that our boys are only 10 days apart. And I love it that you guys are moving back to malden. And I'm praying you'll buy a house that we can walk to from our house.

love you guys!

heat said...

Baby Frank is so cute. Looking at your pictures makes me excited for our baby but also terrified. I'm not sure how to handle three.
Anne, you look great. You are so pretty.

ps- we aren't really private. I just don't blog anymore.

Emma said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful and Anne, only you could deliver a baby and look so spectacular a few minutes later. Can't wait to meet him!

Brooke said...

11 mins?!? That's amazing. Way to go!!! I thought my 19 mintues with Sydney was fast but you are amazing... how'd you have time to get your pants off?

And how do you look so great in these pictures. I'm still three weeks away from delivering and I don't look like that...give me another 6 months and I may look human again. You astonish me Anne!