Monday, October 3, 2011

Only one more weekend

Uncle David lives in Concord, NH...sort of. He only lives there Tuesday-Thursday.  All other days are with us!  He has been able to stay with us every weekend (except one) since we moved here back in June.  Now our lives will be over next weekend when he moves to AZ. What are we going to do? Just thinking about it makes me all emotional-blah. The house will be empty & creepy.  I feel like I need to cover the furniture with white sheets in his room until he returns back to us. The freezer will never have another Magnum ice cream bar in it.  And cheese fries will never be one of the sides for dinner. Who will spike the kids hair now? Not us. We will forever call our guest room "Davids room".  I feel like I am sending one of my boys off to college. No wait, not true. Those are the days I look forward to.  And this Monday will be one I hope never comes. 
Ugh, I hate goodbyes. Its been happening too often.
Every Monday we go and do something fun together.  We went to The Public Gardens a few weeks back. We had been cooped up the day before because of Irene.
I love Charlie in this picture. He looks like the kid from Stuart Little.
That doesn't look very comfortable 
"Get em boys!"
Chars cleaning up Irene's mess
Waving to the swan boat.  Did you know its been a family
owned business for 130 years?
And one of the boats still is in use since 1819!
Thats the one I would try to avoid. Never know when it will disintegrate

Really? They have to be naked doing this pose?

Boys trying to reenactment the statue. Nice try.
How CUTE! A little turtle ramp.
Dave, come back to us.


ellenbush said...

charlie DOES look like the kid from stuart little! ah! what a cute post, we'll miss david too!

Melanie said...

the boys hair looks awesome. and charlie is sooo cute with glasses. we miss you guys.

Emily said...

I love your blog!! You're on my reader!

Chantry said...

Who did the sweet haistylings for the little guys? Chauncey is sooo jealous.