Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Johnson Family Vacation

Sadly Andy, Fergi, and Arden went home today after visiting for about five days.

On the first day Arden wasn't tired after arriving on a red eye flight so she and Jack played while her parents tried to sleep.

We went to eat at some of our favorite places like Chacarero, Pizzeria Regina, and Santarpio's.

We also ate ice cream almost everyday at places like Christina's, JP Licks, and this place called Trani where transvestites inject ice cream into almost anything you can imagine and then cover it in chocolate.

We braved some cold weather, saw some historic sites, and relived some of Paul Revere's ride. In our spare time we played lots of Settlers and Cranium and watched Japanese pranks and Ali G on youtube.

Jack loved having a cute older woman around.

It was very sad to have them leave. Hopefully they will come back again soon. We also hope that some of our other friends will come spend some time with us while we live in Boston.


Wellz said...

Great pictures. "Transvestites inject" makes my mind wander and I end up in a place that doesn't make me wanna eat dessert. That's cool Andy and Fergie came out; I would love to come out to Boston and have a gastronomy tour by you guys. I would even eat the transvestite injections.

If Heat improves her marathon time by 39 seconds, she'll qualify for Boston and we will definitely be coming your way. Maybe we'll come anyway.

dan&anne said...

I have to admit I was joking about the transvestites. I just had no other logical explanation for the name trani. The rest is all true though.

ferardandy said...

i hope you don't mind, but we have more than one comment...

1. thank you thank you thank you
2. how did that ninja get into our picture?
3. that pizza and ice cream and then pizza and ice cream and ice cream and pizza was soooo good. i'm voting for sentarpio's and jp licks, that oreo cake batter w/ peanut butter was amazing (andy) sentarpio's and christina's for fergi.
4. sorry for shopping so long.
5. cranium and settlers is the most fun with you guys.
6. thanks jack for dating arden
7. sorry about ruining the fruity pebbles ice cream
8. thanks for teaching us all about the midnight ride of william dawes. the regulars are coming out!
9. the big dig was the best dig ever.
10. dan, you make a breakfast that your uncles would be proud of.

we owe you big time... fergi/andy

Wellz said...

Dan&Anne, How disappointing.

[EricaJ] said...

How the heck did I end up on your blog? I haven't seen you forever. Who's your sweet wife? What a cute family you have!

dan&anne said...

Hey Erica,
I dont know how you ended up here, but good to hear from you. I think the last time I saw you they didn't have the internet. My wife's name is Anne.