Friday, July 16, 2010

Wheelers Farm

My sister Laura & I went to Wheeler's Farm by my house today. I love this place. The boys had so much fun petting the animals, feeding the geese, & playing in the forts. They also played in a stream that surrounds the farm. Its surprisingly clean too. I feel like since I cant have a farm of my own I can come here to live the dream. Kidding people! I would die if I had to take care of animals every morning, shovel the poop, clean pigs, filter my own milk, & pick eggs from chicken coops! But it gives me an appreciation for what farmers have to do. Wheelers farm has a lot of opportunity's for people to get their hands dirty. They provide cow milking classes, horseback riding, wagon rides, & summer camps. I did see students working there from the FFA organization. Melissa Faustino would be so proud! Oh, did I mention its free? Here are some pictures of animals & farm animals too.

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